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silver accessories

instructor: Miss Yuki Kanamitsu


~My private collection~

All my works come from my heart.

I have always asked myself
    “What does it make impact on you recently?” before I make.
I have also talked with them
    “What do you want to be?” while I am making.
And...I have never forgot to say
    “Thank you”, after they became beautiful and meaningful jewellery. 

By Sessin

~Sessin Jewelry Class~

Silver Clay. It looks like just clay.
But it will become hard like pottery after dry it, and become a 99.9% pure silver after fire it.
You would definitely see and feel such a magical moment in the class!!
During making something, it takes you into another place even if you have a difficult time in your life.
You might feel your heart says thank you for spending such a wonderful time in the comfortable environment.
Please enjoy your time to make your own jewelry.
By kneading the silver clay when you form it, you can put your love into your jewelry.
Let’s make you own jewelry for yourself, for your family, for your love with me!

Please see below for some sample of my works.